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 Your Sigs

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PostSubject: Your Sigs   19th June 2008, 16:12

Okay this is how to do it. Start by uploading your sig to any image hosting website, e.g Photobucket, Imagehost, Facebook, Bebo etc etc

Once thats done find the picture and right click it:

Once you have clicked Properties you will get a screen like this, or on internet explorer, a very similar screen as show below:

<< internet explorer
With either of these, copy and past the (URL) / Image Location, which has been pointed out for you, then go to the signature section by clicking on profile at the top of your screen, then on the top right click signature and you get a page like this:

Click Image TWICE, till you get what it says up there (colours of text/board may vary)
then the image location you copied, just paste it in between the [img] and
and click save and your done!

Make sure when you go into profile you check the 'preferences' section and check that the ''Always attach my signature'' is ticked.


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Your Sigs
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