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 Reward Scheme

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PostSubject: Reward Scheme   Reward Scheme Empty19th June 2008, 09:38

I just thought of an idea that may help encourage the promotion of the site.
I still need
Admin and Moderators, there is also other small jobs and things that need filling in which I will think of during today.

The plan is, if you promote the site, by getting a friend or anyone to sign up, providing they post up saying hello and mention who has asked them to join, that person who brought them to this site will be rewarded with 1 point per person who joins because of them.
When you reach certain points, you can choose to take the moderators job on, or aim higher and try for admin, I will keep points updated.

I could do with another 2 admins maybe 3 still deciding &
I need minimum another 3 mods

I need mods for these sections:
Introduce Yourself
Car & Bike Chat
Events & Meets
DM's Forum

Within these forums it does NOT mean you have to organise meets in the meets section or introduce people in the intro section, it just means you need to keep that whole section and the sub-sections clean and tidy, make sure noones posting in the wrong area, hand out 1st warnings if people are being abusive.. etc etc


30 points = Admin
20 points = Moderator

If you have asked people to join and they joined before 19.06.08 @ 7:30 am, it DOESNT count, and if they DO NOT mention your name when introducing themselves, obviousley it will also not count!.

Good luck guys Smile

Reward Scheme 6503459510a8058969031l
CC Admin & Founder =]

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PostSubject: Re: Reward Scheme   Reward Scheme Empty19th June 2008, 15:11

good idea this, well done hunny
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Reward Scheme
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